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Ven. Dhammagaru

Ven. Usgoda Dhammagaru

Download articles and talks from Ven. Dhammagaru, recently a resident monk at the Leicester Vihara. During his short time at the Leicester Vihara he gave many sermons in both Sinhala and English.

You can listen to or download the talks from the links below.


Advice of all the Buddhas

Buddhist Fundamentals

Buddha Puja and Meditation

Conditions for Wellbeing in This and Future Lives

Karaniya Metta Sutta - Discourse on Loving Kindness

Practising Insight Meditation Through Contemplating Four Elements

Buddha Puja

Paticcasamuppada - Dependent Origination

The Four Noble Truths

Actions and their consequences - Kamma

The Four Sublime States of Mind - Brahma Viharas

Supreme Blessings - Mangala Sutta

Four Foundations of Mindfulness - Satipatthana Sutta


The attachments outlining the content of these talks are listed below and can be downloaded, viewed and printed from these links.