Junior Dhamma School 10th October 2021


What was taught – 260921

  1. Buddha Vandhana
  2. Loving kindness mediation
  3. Share “merit book (pin potha)”
  4. Learnt about an outstanding Buddhist Lay Follwer – Visakha
  5. Learnt “sirith mal dama” verse 5
  6. Practicing the Daham Pasal Song

Topics – 101021

  1. Daily Buddha Vandhana
  2. Loving kindness meditation
  3. Thought of the day
  4. Write entries in the “merit book”
  5. “Sirith Maldama” Verse 6
  6. Home work


  1. Read and answer the questions about Visakha

    Underline the correct words
    1. At the age of seven, Visakha was able to understand the Dhamma. She was very (clever, proud, rich)
    2. She (scolded, advised, taught) her father-in-law on his wrong action. He came to know his mistake and became good.
    3. She learnt to be a good (daughter, wife, mother)
    4. She loved to give alms to the monks. She was kind and (generous, selfish, good).
    5. She donated a (house, school, monastery) to the Buddha.
    6. She was the (greatest, second, third) female supporter of Buddha.

Visakha came from a very rich family. When she was only seven years old, Buddha taught the Dhamma to her and others

Though she was very young, she was able to understand the Teachings.

When she grew up, she became very beautiful. She was married to the son of a rich man name Migara, who was a follower of another religion. On her wedding day, her wise father taught her how to be a good wife.

One day, while the father-in-law was eating, a monk passed by his house. He did not give food to monk. With patience, Visakha advised the father-in-law on his wrong action. Very soon, all her husband’s family members became Buddhists.

Every day, she gave alms to the monks, She also donated a monastery to the Buddha, She was very kind generous to all the people. Everyone liked her very much.  She was the greatest female supporter of the Buddha.

  1. Learn the words of “sirith-mal dama” verses 1-5

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