Junior Dhamma School 13th March 2022

  1. Buddha Vandhana
  2. Loving kindness mediation
  3. Share “merit book (pin potha)”
  4. New story
  5. Introducing the Sinhala alphabet and learning to talk in Sinhala
  6. “sirith mal dama” new verse
  7. Practicing the Daham Pasal Song


Learn the sirith maldama verse below. Sirith Maldama verses are about learning good (the virtues) enjoying the comforts both in this birth and life after.

Nomin duka vidamina
Anun seu dana mila dena
Horen noganuwa pena
Sithan kebilithi lecin e gena

Understand the value of the wealth that
Another has gained after much toil
Never steal; consider another’s hard
earned wealth as mere worthless tit bits