Junior Dhamma School 4th July 2021


What was taught – 060621

  1. Buddha Vandhana
  2. Loving kindness mediation
  3. Share “merit book (pin potha)”
  4. Homework
  5. “Sath sathıya” – week four and five
    Week four – Meditating on a jewelled seat
    During the fourth week Buddha mediated on a jewelled seat on the higher teachings of the Dhamma. His mind and body was so pure that six rays of colours came out from His body, namely blue, yellow, red, white, orange and a mixture of all the five colours.
    During the fifth week, Buddha meditated under the Ajapala tree. The three daughters of Mara came to disturb Him. However, the Buddha continued with his meditation. Soon they felt tired and left him.
  6. Learnt “sirith mal dama” verses 3
  7. Practicing the Daham Pasal Song

Topics – 040721

  1. Daily Buddha Vandhana
  2. Loving kindness meditation
  3. Thought of the day
  4. Write entries in the “merit book”
  5. “Sath Sathiya” – Week six and seven
  6. Home work


  1. Learn Sath Sathiya week four and five
  2. Draw a picture of Sath Sathiya week four and five and colour the picture
  3. Learn with the meaning “sirith-mal dama” verses 3

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