Junior Dhamma School 24th October 2021


What was taught – 101021

  1. Buddha Vandhana
  2. Loving kindness mediation
  3. Share “merit book (pin potha)”
  4. Home work
  5. Learnt “sirith mal dama” verse 6
  6. Lay follower – King Bimbisara
  7. Practicing the Daham Pasal Song

Topics – 241021

  1. Daily Buddha Vandhana
  2. Loving kindness meditation
  3. Thought of the day
  4. Write entries in the “merit book”
  5. Biography of Prince Rahula
  6. “Sirith Maldama” Verse 7


  1. Read and answer the questions about King Bimbisar
  2. Buddha and King Bimbisara

After leaving the palace, Prince Suddhartha put n simple robes and became a monk. He was now called Ascetic Gotama.

King Bimbisara was very happy to know Ascetic Gotama was going for his alms food in the city. He went to see the Ascetic and invited him to stay. The King even offered half of his kingdom to him. Ascetic Gotama did not accept the offer. He promised to see the King after he had found the Truth.

When the Buddha attained Enlightenment, he kept his promise and came to see King Bimbisara. Many people also came to pay respect to the Buddha. He taught the Dhamma to King Bimbisara. After listening to the Teachings, he attained peace and happiness.

The King donated his Bamboo Grove to the Buddha. He was a good king and kept the precepts well.

The King had a son named Prince Ajasatta. He was very close with Devadatta, who taught him to kill his father. He put the King in prison and tortured him to death. At last, the prince came to learn of his wrong action. He changed and became a good King too. 

Read the story and answer the questions:

Question 1

In this story, the Buddha had one great virtue. What was it?

The word has seven letters. It starts with the first letter which is “P”. The middle letter is “M”. It ends wityh the last letter which is an “E”.

Question 2
Put a tick (Ö) next to a morally right action and a (X) next to a morally wrong action.

1. King Bimbisara donated his Bamboo Grove to the Buddha

2. Devadatta taught Prince Ajasatta to kill his father
3. When the prince learnt of his wrong action, he changed and became a good king
4. When I see a monk, I pay respect to him with joined palms
5. When Nimal told his friend that he would meet him at 7.00am in the school, he only came at 8.00am

  1. Learn the words of “sirith-mal dama” verses 6