Junior Dhamma School 5th December 2021


What was taught – 211121

  1. Buddha Vandhana
  2. Loving kindness mediation
  3. Share “merit book (pin potha)”
  4. Home work
  5. Learnt “sirith mal dama” new verse
  6. Biography of Kaludayi
  7. Practicing the Daham Pasal Song

Topics – 051221

  1. Daily Buddha Vandhana
  2. Loving kindness meditation
  3. Thought of the day
  4. Write entries in the “merit book”
  5. Biography of Maha Prajapathi Gotami
  6. “Sirith Maldama” new verse
  7. Buddha’s story (revision)


Read and understand the Biography of Kaludayi and answer the questions

Kaludayi was born the same day as Prince Siddhatta, on a full moon day, in the month of Vesakha, in the Year 623 BC. The two of them were very close friends. When the Prince left the palace to become a monk, Kaludayi was the one who was always with King Suddhodhana.

He was called Udayi because everyone liked him and Kalu because he was darker than others were. Therefore, he was given the name Kaludayi.

After Enlightenment, the Buddha was staying in Rajagaha. When King Suddhodhana came to know the Buddha was staying nearby, he sent his ministers to invite the Buddha. Altogether he sent nine ministers. But none of them came back. They forgot their purpose. They stayed behind to become the Buddha’s followers. Finally, The King had to send Kaludayi to invite the Buddha. It was only after six years that the Buddha went back to His birthplace, Kapilawatthu, to see the King and His people. Everyone, especially the King, was very happy to hear the good news.

Answer the questions:

  1. Kaludayi was older than the Buddha
    Right / Wrong
  2. Kaludayi and the Prince were good friends
    Right / Wrong
  3. All the ministers did not come back because they played in the city
    Right / Wrong
  4. The Buddha came back to his birthplace only after five years ince He left the palace
    Right / Wrong
  5. The King was very happy to hear the good news
    Right / Wrong

Revision – Buddha’s story (birth to leaving the palace)

Learn the sirith maldama verses. Sirith Maldama verses are about learning good (the virtues) enjoying the comforts both in this birth and life after.

Hoda lesa hedeemata
Hoda sitha onne hema vita
Naraka sith ethi vita
Narakamai siduwanne apahata
To be a virtuous person, one always need a virtuous mind. A non virtuous mind causes nothing but bad.

Naraka sithakin nam
Hodak nokaleki kiciyam
Hodak nokale nam
Upan gathiyen netha palak nam
You cannot do any good with an ill-will. Unless you do good, your birth is fruitless.

Pau nam narakamaya
Ein delowehi dukamaya
Pin nam uthum maya
Ein delowehi mahath sepa maya
Committing sins is bad. It causes grief only in both this birth and the next. Committing merits brings about comfort in both worlds.

Thaman pana lesa hema
Sathun gena salaka pema
Oun dutu vilasama
Karan adara gunaya noherama
Love all animals s much as you love your life. As soon as you see them shower them with love.

Sellam sithin wath
Yamkici tharahakin wath
Marana sithakin wath
Sathun hata wada dima nohobin

It is unbecoming to hurt, torture or kill animals, neither for fun nor out of anger.

Anungen nethi una
Deyak lebunoth yam dina
Eya sagawa nogena
Denta karuna karan sathutina

If you find something that belongs to another, do not conceal it, return it to the owner with pleasure.

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