Senior Dhamma School Lesson – 17th January 2021


Senior Dhamma School Lesson 17th January 2021

What was taught 13th December

Lesson 01-2021

Buddha Vandhana

Loving kindness meditation

Maha Mangala Sutta – 4th verse

Bāhu saccañ ca sippañ caVast-learning, perfect handicraft
Vinayo ca susikkhitoa highly trained discipline
Subhāsitā ca yā vācāand pleasant speech;
Etam mangala muttamamthis is Blessing Supreme

Topics – 17th January 2020

  1. By heart stanzas of Buddha Vandhana (please refer to the website for the stanzas in English)
  2. Maha Mangala Sutta – continued
    Mātā pitu upatthānam
    Puttadārassa sangaho
    Anākulā ca kammantā
    Etam mangala muttamam

Homework SS0101 Revision – Dhamma

  1. List the four Noble Truths and try and explain each in your own words
  2. Name the Noble Eight fold path
  3. Prepare your own “merit book” (pin potha) and start writing the good deeds you are doing in the book.