Senior Dhamma School Lesson – 17th October 2021


What was taught 3rd October 2021

1. Buddha Vandhana
2. Loving-kindness meditation

3. Thought of the day
3. Mangala Sutta – verse 6

Gaaravo ca nivaato ca – santu.t.thii ca kata~n~nuta
    kaalena dhammasavana.m – etam ma”ngalam-uttama.m 
Reverence, humility
contentment, bearing gratitude and
opportune hearing of the Dhamma
this is Blessing Supreme
5. Outstanding female Lay follower – Visakha Matha
6. Full moon poya day in September

Topics – 17th October 2021

  1. Mangala Sutta – continue Verse 6
  2. Thought of the day
  3. Merit book entries
  4. Outstanding male lay follower
  5. Significance of Full Moon Poya days in the Buddhist Calendar – continued

Home work – find / learn information

  1. Maha Mangala stanza – verse 6 and meaning
  2. Animisa Lochana Pujawa?
  3. Outstanding Male lay follower
  4. Importance of the Full Moon Poya day in the month of October
  5. Learn the stanzas of Buddha Vandhana (refer to the website)
  6. Learn the Dhamma School song (refer to the website)