Senior Dhamma School Lesson – 20th February 2022


Activities for 20th February 2022
1. Buddha Vandhana
2. Loving kindness meditation
3. Thought of the day
4. Mangala Sutta continued
5. Four Noble Truths continued

Learn the 1st Noble Truth – Dhukkha Sathya
1.Jathi (birth)
2.Vyadhi (decay)
3.Jarapi (sickness)
4.Marana (death)
5.Appiyehi Sampayogo dukkho – (association with things / persons we don’t like)
6.Piyehi vippayogo dukkho – (separation from things / persons we like)
7.Yampitchang nalabathi thampi dhukko (not to get what one wants)