The East Midlands Buddhist Association (EMBA)

East Midlands Buddhist Association (EMBA)

The EMBA was established in May 1987 and is the body that manages the Leicester Buddhist Vihara.  It is comprised of members of the Buddhist community living in the UK from multi-national ethnic groups including Chinese, Sri Lankan, Vietnamese, Burmese, Thai, Tibetans, Indians and English members.
Registered as an approved charity with the Charity Commissioner in 1989, The EMBA acts as a common unifying forum to share religious and spiritual beliefs amongst its members.  It is well organized with an Executive committee, General Committee and Board of Trustees who regularly meet.
After many years of having no set location for Buddhist practice, the EMBA purchased the property now known as the Leicester Buddhist Vihara in 1990 with the support of members and well-wishers, which now provides the much-needed space for Buddhist activities and accommodation for the resident monks.

The article entitled: EMBA Chronology of Events by Dr C.S.Nanayakkara provides an in-depth look at the EMBA’s history and organization.