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2Kathina October 2016Dr. Sena Nanayakkara
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EMBA/Leicester Buddhist Vihara Notices

NOTICE (EMBA/M/01/2021)

EMBA SGM (Special General Meeting-2021)

Objective of the SGM:  To table and approve the proposed changes to the EMBA constitution (Rev 3).The Changers to the propose version was prepared after due consideration of the suggestions received from the members. 

Date, Time:                          7th February 2021 5pm – 7pm

(Due to the prevailing Corvid-19 pandemic restriction imposed by the UK government, this meeting is schedule to be held via Zoom meeting room).

To:                                            All EMBA Members

Invitees:                                Leicester Buddhist Vihara Devotees


1. Apologies – (Secretary)
2. Purpose of meeting – (President) 

3. Ratification of proposed changes to the constitution /Final draft – Rev 3 – (President)

4. Adoption of the New Constitution – (ALL)
5. Agreeing the “Minimum Annual Membership Fee” and “Life Membership Fee”

6. Adjourn

Please note:       Only the EMBA members will have voting rights, in case if a vote is required.

Email notification sent with instructions on how to join the meeting to all EMBA members and Leicester Buddhist Vihara Devotees. In case, if you haven’t received an email notification, please be kind enough to contact the EMBA Secretary by sending an email, for meeting room ID and Password (or link) to joining zoom meeting.

NOTICE (EMBA/M/02/2021)

Annual General Meeting:

14th March 2021 4pm – 6pm (via Zoom)

The Annual General Meeting of the EMBA for the year 2021/22 scheduled to be held on 14th March from 4.00 pm.

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